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The 4th of July aftermath

The streets of Echo Park early this morning were quiet and calm – a drastic difference from last night’s 4th of July festivities. Just a few bits of the fireworks littered the street pictured here, along with some charred relics burned into the pavement.

We fared better than a vacant house on Fargo, which caught fire from the roof and may have been caused by a firework.

Echo Park shows off its fireworks for the 4th

Having lived in the same place in Echo Park for just a few years now, we’ve seen the ups and downs of the 4th of July celebrations in the neighborhood. Echo Park Lake used to be the fireworks war zone, with roman candles, bottle rockets, spinners, even home-made bombs in this synchronized madness that’s hard to imagine now. And if you couldn’t tell from the loud booms and screeches and car alarms, this year has proven that the streets all over the neighborhood are just as crazy.

First up, chilling out with some beach chairs and our cameras at an Elysian Park road for views of the Dodger Stadium annual 4th of July fireworks. It’s one of few places in Echo Park where long-time families/neighbors and even hipsters come together to clap and cheer for the show.

A short walk around the corner and the best street fireworks are being set off every other minute. It’s easy to enjoy because, hey, they’re legal in some US state right?

It’s past 11 pm and things have quieted down, and the cats can relax a little bit. Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July!

Photo: RIP Dick Clark

A couple of candles and flowers decorate the Dick Clark mural on Glendale Boulevard, under the Sunset Bridge, in Echo Park.

Photo of the day: Dodgers Stadium after the storm

Flickr photo via Carlos Ontivero

Hello Dodger Stadium, and WOW. This amazing shot came up on Flickr tonight from Elysian Park. Bravo Carlos, bravo.

Happy Opening Day/50 year anniversary at Dodger Stadium

“Dodger Stadium in Chavez Ravine at night, June 1, 1962.″ From the USC Digital Libraries.

It’s a bittersweet anniversary, but today marks the 50th year Dodger Stadium has been open. The above photo gives us a little glimpse into the past – and though the cars a little different, the full parking lot and packed freeways aren’t too different from today!

Photo: La Espiga Bakery gets social


This morning’s drive to work wouldn’t be complete without driving by our local bakery, La Espiga, on Scott Avenue and Glendale Boulevard. The wall along the Scott side usually gets pretty tagged up (they are always quick to remove it), but we noticed today it’s gotten a little bit of a different look. We like it – it’s a nice, warm color, and the artwork is all hand painted, down to the Facebook logo!

Make sure you Like them on Facebook, because everyone needs to be liked!

Before (ignore the graffiti, this was from a while back)

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