Crazy color: An incredible front yard installation in Echo Park

I put together some photos and copy for the latest issue of the Echo Park Improvement Association (of which I am a member) newsletter, EPIAn Ways, on this brilliant Echo Park art installation.

Called Randyland/The Giant Glass Virgin of Guadalupe and located on the 1600 block of Lemoyne Street, this work of art consists of thousands of bottles filled with water and strung together using wire and rebar. It’s flexible, sways in wind and looms 24 feet high over the artist,’s Randlett Lawrences, front yard.

It’s truly dazzling. Check out my full article on the EPIA website!

  • SireneB

    I’m fortunate enough to live a few houses away from Randyland ! check it out at just before sunset for a truly glowing experience.

  • SusanG

    I love it!!! It’s a grand endeavor.

  • Randlett King Lawrence

    Hi. Thanks for the kind words and the cool pics!
    LA is full of Angels whose kind hearts and warm smiles lift a stranger’s spirits.
    We see them everywhere (if we offer a smile of our own!).
    This is my tribute to lovely Angels of LA who come from all over the world, especially Mexico.
    It is now as it was in the beginning. Many millions take courage & comfort in Art.
    Many millions more glow in their love of The Holy Mother, as Martin Sheen calls her.

    The founders of L.A. (only 3 of who were European according to the plaque above Olvera Street)
    were so inspired and comforted by “Our Lady the Queen of Angels” that they officially called L.A>
    “Our Town of Our Lady the Queen of Angels.” And Today you see here everywhere in LA. It’s her town.

    Please please know this: Randyland is best seen about 10 a.m. on a sunny day.
    That’s when the refraction is in action. You’ll see the sky & the sun blazing away in every one (of the water-filled vase & bottle lenses). Thanks! Cheers!

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