Echo Park wine bar, CitySip, put up for sale

CitySip, Echo Park

Photo provided by CitySip

It’s always a bummer morning when learning that one of our favorite locally-owned spots, CitySip, is being put up for sale.

Owner Nicole Daddio first opened the wine-centric bar on Sunset Boulevard in 2008, and at the end of September completed renovations and a branding “revamp.” The fresh food menu, new taps for craft beers, and a more accessible and laid-back wine experience made the restaurant feel practically brand new.

We don’t have official word on whether or not the restaurant will continue to operate or shut its doors while attracting new owners, or how much the business is going for. Check back later for updates!


Owner Nicole Daddio confirmed the closure will take place on January 31, with occasional popup events in February and March. She will be making the official announcement this week.


  • Andrea

    Oh no Nicole! Keep us posted!

  • Steve M

    This is the saddest news ever. Our favorite spot in our neighborhood, along with such a great owner and staff! All will be missed.

  • Alison

    Not too surprising. They really didn’t have much to offer.

  • diane

    The one time I went in there they were so rude I never went back.

  • Daniel

    Nooooo! I loved this place – always had the best experiences there. Friendliest bartenders and best selection. *sigh*

  • NineDoubleOh2Sixxxer

    I also had issues with some of the servers at the bar being rude and difficult to order from. The layout of the back room was odd too, I never wanted to eat back there because it was next to the bathroom. Preferred to just go to Mohawk Bend across the street.

  • Brion

    How much?????

  • GretaGMo

    The place was great but Nicole’s allegiance to the rudest, least effective and most often complained about server on Yelp is baffling. At one point he bragged to us about how everyone on Yelp complained about his lack of waiter/serving skills. It was weird. But I’m sad to see it go, I liked the place, the homey vibe, the great cheeses and the wine.

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