Should an Echo Park intersection be named “Vin Scully Square”?

Twitter photo via Whitney Holtzman (@WHoltzman)

Last night, Dodger Stadium honored 84-year-old Dodger Stadium announcer Vin Scully with his very own bobblehead. Current GEPENC president and CD13 candidate Jose Sigala also wants to honor the legend – he is petitioning for the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Elysian Park Avenue be officially named “Vin Scully Square.”

The corner is just a stone’s throw from the Elysian Park gate into the Stadium, and where you’ll find some of the heaviest traffic after a big game. It

Click here to sign Sigala’s online petition.

Scully also ust recently announced he will return next year for his 64th season in 2013!

  • Douglas Krisher

    Heck yes! No one deserves that honor more than Vin Scully. Let’s also make him an honorary Dodger. Play a game with Vin Scully on the uniforms with the number of years he’s been their announcer too. He’s the man!

  • Ed Pearl

    Vin Scully is the most honest,interesting and incisive sports voice that’s ever lived. He’s also why the Dodgers have been supported through, good times and bad. He’s definitely a major reason why folks listen and or watch 4 slow hours, including me. Scully deserves the name of the stadium, let alone a Square. Think of all the jerks, opportunists and war-mongers whose name now despoil public monuments. It’s us who are honored by this great man.
    Ed Pearl

  • Observer

    I wonder what Vince Scully and the Dodgers will have to say when
    they learn that the President of the Greater Echo Park Elysian NC
    has had GEPENC frozen by authorities due to non compliance amongst
    other things…..

    I wonder what those whose names and addresses get collected and used
    for purposes they know nothing about…..

    The Dodgers are totally capable of working with the City to get the
    square named without Jose’s/GEPENC assistance.

  • Jerry Feldman

    I’m with Doug and Ed! I might even go with renaming the whole City. Vince Scully is by far one of the biggest Star in the LA universe. A treasure we should honor now.

  • cindylu

    @Observer: What was frozen? And by whom? Mr. Scully need not be embarrassed.

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  • brittany

    honestly, who would be against this?

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