Blogger says friends were stabbed in Echo Park last night

The blogger of “Your Friend, Savannah” has a startling post today about two friends who were stabbed on the corner of Echo Park Avenue and Montana Street last night:

Two friends of ours were out last night and were on their way home. On MONTANA and ECHO PARK they were approached by a man (possibly 2?) who is described as a gang member. He began yelling at them and calling them “faggots” and saying really awful homophobic slurs. (Neither are gay, but are straight allies, are vocal for gay rights, and wear rainbow patches and buttons on occasion.)

They were both stabbed and all of their stuff was stolen.

My friend Brian is a bike rider in LA and his bike is BLACK, has a predominate RAINBOW STICKER down the side of a tube, and it has a BIG, FAT SEAT. His back pack is orange and his helmet is grey. (He is sometimes known as BRAINZ LA)

Brian was stabbed in his stomach, right above his belly button. He is alive and discharged, as this luckily didn’t hit anything vital. Our other friend (name withheld) was stabbed in his hip, so hard, it fractured his pelvis. He is still recovering in the hospital.

We’ve inquired for some more information, including the time of the incident. One of our Twitter friends heard a multitude of sirens last night at about 12:30 am, so we’re wondering if it’s related.

Stay safe out there!

  • Meredith

    Oh my wow! This is crazy! I pains me to hear of such ignorance :( Also it’s making me second guess stumbling home from the Yacht Club alone on Wednesday nights…

  • Jesse

    All new residents of Echo Park must remember, you now live in the hood. I grew up in EP, and my family still owns a home in the area, and although much of the hood element has moved away, a few gang members remain in the area. I’m Chicano and I wouldn’t walk home on Echo Park Ave, so regardless of your color or sexual preference, call a cab whenever possible.

  • Becca

    Where are the Eastsider and Patch on this? They’re usually pretty quick on the uptake when it comes to crime, but I haven’t seen anything all day…

  • savannah

    hey! i wrote that post. i haven’t gotten a note or email from you guys, but for sure, i would be more than happy to put you in touch with my pal.

    we (friends) got word this morning. it DID happen around 12/12:30am. my friend brian, who got his bike stolen, is in great spirits and home resting. our other friend is in the hospital, but doing well. we can’t find much information online either, but it’s very real, and very sad.

    i wouldn’t be afraid. i know parts of echo park are still dangerous, and i would call this an isolated incident because this is the first time this happened to my friends… but this all boils down to PAYING ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS. obviously, there are some other things we could be talking about, especially factors that may drive someone to lash out by stabbing people, but before pointing fingers, it’s first important to rationally lay it out.

  • savannah

    (also, they are not “new” residents of Echo Park. they were both born in Los Angeles and raised in Echo Park. We are young, in our mid 20s, but wouldn’t be classified as “new-Echo-Park” or hipster or anything like that. we love the community. i know nothing negative was implied by that commenter; it’s something worth saying.)

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  • pat moffit

    I read this and it pains me. I lost my friend coming up on 3years ago in the echo park area. He was stabbed brutally 7 times in his kidneys,liver and lungs on memorial day weekend. He was leaving the SHortstop in Echo pArk. I pray for the people who have been stabbed for there recovery. I also hope that the Police use there skills and make arrest. The men who killed my friend were never brought to justice and i pray that the police can fimd the culprits. Be safe on memorial day!

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  • Pancho

    I’ve been beat up in Echo Park as soon as this year, family lived there in the 70’s/80’s when things were real bad. A lot of stuff hasn’t changed. There’s still a lot of ignorant thugs who try and start crap any night of the week, especially when they’ve got alcohol in them and have buddies around. Cops showed up and I made it home, but don’t remember anything and tried to call the police the next day to get information and was treated incredibly rudely by the police department the ONE time I ask for help. Maybe now that’s it’s not just brown on brown crime, but a white hipster transplant, there will be some actual police work done.

  • Angie Rich

    I live on Sutherland street just up the hill from the Shortstop bar. I heard lots of commotion that night around that time – as it is ECHO Park – you can hear a lot of things that sound likes they’re coming from next door, when actually they’re coming from streets away. I figured it was action coming from the bar – it was around 1:30a-2:00a though just as the bars let out. I stepped out onto my balcony to see what was going on and I saw I think 3 young guys hop my neighbor’s across the way fence and travel into backyards. It was obvious they were running away from something. I’m wondering if this had to do with the same incident? Prior to that I had heard a lot of fighting and shouting and then shortly after I spotted them I could hear what sounded like a girl shouting in a panicky way. I thought about calling the cops. The commotion seemed to die down pretty quickly so I didn’t. Now I wish I had. I live way high up on a hill that overlooks the EP neighborhoods – so I can see and hear a lot. Most of the time it’s just drunk people making a lot of noise, walking back up to their cars after the bars close. Hmm.

  • Alois Saint-Martin

    Video didn`t look much like a “Hate Crime” I. Believe there are those (Particularly at the Eastsider LA)who would be Quick to Draw any typical Inner City Mischief, as Hate Oriented @?

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