Young Echo Park bicycle activist hits the road

Echo Park student Jackson Huang at CicLAvia (wearing the white shirt and white cap)

Jackson Huang is Echo Park’s newest bicycling activist – at 13 years old (soon to be 14), he’s taken up a cause that will be beneficial to the neighborhood and beyond.

Jackson, who also happens to be our neighbor, gained some notoriety recently with a letter he wrote to Councilmember Ed Reyes (CD1) after his class at Nightingale Middle School in Cypress Park was visited by CicLAvia and Flying Pigeon LA Bike Shop representatives. The visit taught kids about bicycling, including how to fix a flat and stay safe, but also inspired the kids to write letters encouraging politicians to support a new bike plan that would lead directly to the school. Jackson’s letter reads:

The LA City bike Plan of 2010 states that bicycle lanes of Ave 28 and Cypress Ave will be added. The reason why we need bike lanes is because there are kids in this area that are overweight or obese. Kids can get exercise while riding their bikes home and lessening the risk of obesity.

Councilmember Reyes responded (quote via The Eastsider LA):

I grew up riding my bicycle in Lincoln Heights and Cypress Park and agree that bicycle lanes are critical for the health and safety of our neighborhoods. I have been working very hard with City staff and community members like you to ensure that the 2010 Bicycle Plan is implemented as quickly as possible.

Jackson and his bike team were amongst the 100,000 participants in yesterday’s CicLAvia event in Downtown Los Angeles, where the city announced the new Los Angeles Bike-Sharing program, which will allocate 4,000 bicycles to 400 kiosks around the city for everyone with $6 (the daily charge) to use. Even though Ed Reyes’ office hasn’t provided a date when the bike plan will be implemented, Jackson isn’t discouraged, telling us:

I feel like he [Reyes] is doing a great job in helping us get bike lanes and bridge project because it is safer to go on the bridge than going around to get to the LA river route.

And the council wants kids to be safe, right? We’re proud of our young neighbors who are getting involved and taking action!

Check out Jackson’s letter below!

  • Susan R

    There is lots of wrong information that is being published. First of all Cypress Ave already has bike lanes and has had them for years. There is only a small section (half a mile) that does not have a bicycle lane. And, the bridge that the student talks about is not in Councilmember Ed Reyes district. It is in Councilmember Eric Garcetti’s district.

    Councilmember Ed Reyes is not doing a great job! He has been in office for 12 years and now is termed out. He never cared about bike lanes or doing anything else to improve the community. If Councilmember Reyes wanted to put in bike lanes he could have done it in the 12 years he was in office, but he didn’t.

    Councilmember Ed Reyes put in a million dollar water fountain in the middle of nowhere. That money should have been used for bike lanes or other community projects that the community could really use, like a community center. Instead a million dollars was wasted.

    Let’s get the facts correct.

  • Joe Linton

    Re: “wrong information […] Cypress Ave already has bike lanes […] There is only a small section (half a mile) that does not have a bicycle lane” Not sure what’s wrong information here? The section that Jackson Huang referred to (that’s in the city bike plan) is exactly that half-mile that doesn’t yet have the bike lane. That section, immediately adjacent to Nightingale School is what Huang is campaigning for.

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