Neighborhood Council installs banner for 10th anniversary

The corner of Echo Park Avenue and Sunset Boulevard has a new addition – an approximately nine foot banner stretched across the intersection with the words, “Celebrating ten years of community service.”

The banner was installed in advance of the ten year anniversary celebration for the neighborhood council, taking place on Monday, April 16 at Taix Restaurant. The celebration has been a bit controversial because of the cost – they plan to spend $1,000 for the “outreach event,” and what one board member called “inappropriate and in bad taste, especially now in these times.” (The anniversary party is a free event that will feature founding members, and past presidents and members.)

The cost of the banner? Approximately $1,000 was allocated (they came “under budget” according to CIO Lisa Baca-Sigala), and while the city waved the installation fees, it’s a pretty penny for a tax-payer funded organization facing budget cuts.

But we don’t mean to complain outright – we don’t attend GEPENC meetings or participate in the neighborhood council (usually only two people show up to their meetings). Maybe it’s time for everyone to get involved so we can have a say in these types of expenditures?

  • danielle davis

    I think you make a good point about attending meetings to facilitate a greater community voice. However, I have to say, in my past experience of attending a smattering of them over the years, usually the meetings are mired in arguments and b.s. and generally feel like a colossal waste of time. It’s a shame.

  • Kung Foo QT

    Looked like a wet rag with graffiti and mini messages scrawled all
    over. Whose artistic input produced this expensive rag?

    Will the Mayor stop doling out funds to NCs and DONE for frivolous
    expenses. Stop the waste this budget cycle. Write to the Mayor and also let your City Council members know that GEPE NC is a disgrace to Echo Park.

  • Ida Talalla

    I am one of the two who has attended the GEPENC Meetings.
    My sense of things is that even with massive community participation
    attending meetings as stakeholders, nothing will change the restrictive structure. Votes taken by the Board determine outcome not public input. And the Board takes its cue from the husband and wife team of President and CIO. Furthermore, this Board cannot get its priorities straight. This NC has yet to schedule two budget related meetings to get community input for funding in 2012-2013 but has the time to party and fly banners? Will a cruise trip be next?

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