In case you missed it: Empty Echo Park Lake from above

Photo by Steven Nereo, published on The Eastsider LA

With all the photos of the Echo Park Lake rehabilitation project seen all over twitter, local blogs, and news sites, this is a first!

The Eastsider LA published a photo last week by Steven Noreo, who took the shot from a helicopter high up in the air. You can see some of the lime placed by construction workers to mask the smell of rotting fish (those that didn’t make it) and sediment.

Our photos aren’t as cool as this one, but we do have a Flickr set that we’re adding to as the project progresses.

We are already anxious to have the lake back

  • Cord

    I can see my house!!!

  • Harri Maki

    Wow, so odd to not see what has always been there.
    You don’t miss your water till the well runs dry.
    Thanks for the post.

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