What will they find in Echo Park Lake?

Ever since we learned of the Echo Park Lake rehab project, we’ve been thinking: What in the heck are they going to find in the bottom of the lake?

The contractors will be keeping track of everything found in the lake, and hopefully at the next Odor Monitoring Group meeting we’ll learn what’s been found so far. And we’re optimistic they won’t find any (ahem) bodies… but certainly some illegal items made their way into the murky depths.

So now we are taking bets: How many shopping carts? Knives? Jewelry? Sunken boats? Tell us what you think!

In the meantime, here’s the latest from the EchoParkLake.org website:


The lake draining started last week and will continue over the next couple of weeks. As planned, the lake water is being pumped into the sewer system. The project biologist team is removing the fish from the lake and transferring them to MacArthur Park Lake.

Members of the Echo Park Lake neighborhood have volunteered to be part of the Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation odor monitoring committee. If you catch unusual odors from the lake draining, please refer to this document by going to www.EchoParkLake.org/odorreportingprocedure.pdf or click on “Other helpful documents” (in the column to the left of the Update) and then call (213) 978-0317 immediately.

This coming week, crews will begin phase 1 of the installation of underground stormwater diversion structures and screening devices at the intersection of Echo Park Avenue and Park Avenue. This diversion will direct stormwater through underground screening devices to remove trash and sediment from the water before it flows into the lake.

The duration for this portion of the work is approximately 3 months (September through December), with construction taking place 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and on some weekends.

Please go to www.EchoParkLake.org/stormwaterdiversionmap.pdf (or click on “Other helpful documents” in the column to the left of the Update) to see a map of the work with detour information.


TRAFFIC. Echo Park Avenue, between Sunset Boulevard and Park Avenue, will be one-way southbound only. All traffic heading northbound on Echo Park Avenue towards Sunset Boulevard will be detoured to Park Avenue. Motorists may detour through Logan Street, Lemoyne Street or Glendale Boulevard.

STREET PARKING. Street parking will be minimally impacted in the immediate area of construction. The existing “No Parking” restriction on the west side of Echo Park Avenue from Park Avenue to approximately Laguna Avenue will remain in effect.

PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC. Construction work will impact a short segment of the sidewalk on the east side of Echo Park Avenue. There will be pedestrian detours at existing crosswalks at the intersections of Laguna Avenue and Sunset Boulevard. All pedestrians are encouraged to use designated crosswalks to the west side of Echo Park Avenue.

BUS STOPS. The northbound stop and southbound stop for the Pico Union/Echo Park DASH on Echo Park Avenue, just north of Park Avenue, will be temporarily out of service. Bus riders are requested to access the bus stops at Echo Park Avenue/Sunset Boulevard, and at Echo Park Avenue/Laguna Avenue.

Please note that Phase 2 of the installation of the stormwater diversion structure and screening devices will commence after this portion of the work. At that time, impacts include the full closure of Park Avenue between Logan Street and Echo Park Avenue. Updates and specific impacts will be provided in future updates.


Construction is approximately 20 % complete. Ongoing work includes the installation of the structural steel, wood framing for the structural retrofit, the sump pump pit, and the grease interceptor.

  • Mickey

    Lord knows they’ll find at least $1K worth my lost/snagged fishing tackle alone. I can’t image what else would be found there. Scary thought though.

  • Jeremy

    They are definitely going to find a smashed TV in there.

  • Kelly

    Jeremy, did you have something to do with that? :)

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