Zooming in on Echo Park: Early 1900s Los Angeles maps

Automobile Club of Southern California

It’s always interesting to find some historical pieces of Los Angeles on the big Internet, this one comes from Big Map Blog. It’s a 1915 road map of the entire Southern California area, commissioned by the Automobile Club of Southern California. And it’s a pretty big map – so we’ve zoomed in on the Echo Park area to show you our little area almost 100 years ago. Funny thing is, if you compare this map with a current-day Google map, it doesn’t look a whole lot different. But the landscape sure is: what was once a bunch of fields and open space now is one of the city’s most populated areas.

Another interesting map from the same blog – credited to Birdseye View Pub. Co.’s – of the Los Angeles area circa 1909. Incredible detail on this one – here’s the zoomed in version on Echo Park below:

Birdseye View Pub. Co.'s birdseye map of Los Angeles, California in 1909.

Both very, very large maps are made available for download on the Big Map Blog. See if you can find your house!

5 Responses to “Zooming in on Echo Park: Early 1900s Los Angeles maps”

  1. great find, kelly! i love maps, especially of our neighborhood!

  2. Kelly says:

    Thanks Heather!
    PS to anyone reading: Heather’s a fellow (and awesome) Echo Park graphic designer! Check her out!

  3. aww, you are awesome, kelly! i just caught this reply now, thanks so much!

  4. Artie says:

    My computer keeps on giving me web sites to join,can anyone help me,i just want to see Echo park in the early 1900′s,I grew up there. Thanks.

  5. Bob Benton says:

    What the zoom-in maps does not show is the old original Logan Street School building. I attended Logan from 1946 to 1952 and the original building was still standing, but the upper floor was not use because there were no fire exits. But it was a big old all wood structure with 6 class-rooms on the second floor, the cafiteria and kindergarten on the first. I’ve never found a photo of the building, and I’d bet it was built about 1895 to 1900.

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