Maria the Goose takes up new residence away from Echo Park Lake

You may have noticed the slew of media interest in Echo Park Lake’s own Maria the Goose lately (unless you missed it all). Last week, Steve Hartman of Katie Couric’s CBS show was sent to the lake to interview Maria’s favorite human, Dominic Ehrler. Click here to watch the full CBS story, which aired February 28.

Today we learned from Chicken Corner that Maria was relocated last Friday to the Los Angeles Zoo ahead of the Echo Park Lake Rehab Project starting next month. Dominic told Chicken Corner in an email about the status of her new crib:

Maria has a two-room suite in the quarantine section of the zoo hospital. She will be monitored for things like worms and any other potential problems. … A minor foot problem will be taken care of. After the quarantine period is complete in about 30 days Maria will be moved to the exhibit area where she can be seen by all. The zoo will hold/display her until her ultimate destination is determined. The zoo personnel are all in love with Maria. She is safe and secure.

Dominic will definitely be able to visit Maria regularly, and told Chicken Corner she is doing well!

We’ll miss Maria, but we’ll also miss the lake and can’t wait for the project to be completed. In the meantime, feel free to donate to the Echo Park Animal Alliance, which is overseeing the care and protection of all the other wildlife in the lake that will be displaced during the project.

  • Alicia

    I think Maria is an amazing animal….but what will happen to the rest of the wildlife at the lake??? I hope that someone will also be taking care of the rest of the wildlife just like Maria is being taken care of !!

  • Joellyn

    Oh, I went to the lake this weekend to see her, but I couldn’t find he, so now I know why. Well, at least I know that she is safe and will be well taken care of now. Maybe I’ll have a chance to see her at the Los Angeles Zoo, and maybe she’ll be able to have a permanent home there. We’ll miss you Maria, but enjoy your new life!

  • donna

    I hope she will be happy there and gets adjusted to the change.

  • Diane

    The rest of the animals at the lake did not become domesticated like Maria…they will move on to the next watering hole.

  • Kelly

    There are turtles and fish that need to be relocated as they won’t be able to move on their own. The fish will be under the direction Fish and Game, but the turtles and other such wildlife will need some coordinating efforts to relocate them (and find an appropriate place to put them). There will also be some water available for the migratory birds (which there are many!) in temporary “pools” during the construction.

  • Dina Micucci

    Maria a such a beautiful, kind and friendly little soul. I hope she gets the sweetness and warmth that she exhibits to everyone back to her. She deserves to be loved, to be safe and taken care of. What a wonderful, beautiful little being she is!

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