Sick daze in Echo Park

It’s literally quite gorgeous outside, but I’m stuck inside with my second cold in the past month. Since I can’t concentrate long enough to write a decent article, the website is on a bit of a hiatus for a couple of days.

But have no fear! Here’s all the great stuff I’m working on to keep an eye out for:

  • Red Hill: The owners of the new restaurant in the old Phoenix Bakery on Echo Park Avenue are going to update us on their plans for the space.
  • CRES14: LAUSD has been building this school on Alvarado and Sunset for quite some time, and with an opening of Fall 2011 coming soon, there’s a lot to be done. We’re gearing up for some meetings at the end of the month about the project.
  • Flashback Fridays: We’ve got some awesome new stories about Echo Park history to share.

Stay tuned! And feel free to share your best cold remedy in the meantime.

One Response to “Sick daze in Echo Park”

  1. Jon says:

    Red Hill! A nod to early Echo Park — or shall I say, Edendale — days.

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