For Burrito Day LA: Where’s the best burrito in Echo Park?

Flickr photo via Hane C. Lee

Here’s a story so strange I had to do some research to make sure it was true.

Today is the official Burrito Day in Los Angeles. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely too strange – Mayor Villaraigosa did bet El Tepeyac’s “Manuel Burrito” for the first series of the NLDS last year (is that still considered LA’s best?), so burritos are amongst LA’s finest. But 25 years ago, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley announced December 19 as the official day, two years after Loyola Marymount’s college station KXLU declared it unofficially.

Here’s the proof (or possibly the proof, there is a seal on it after all):

So now we search for the best stuff wrapped in a delicious tortilla in Echo Park.

As a non-meat eater, I simply can’t call this one. But whether it be a meat burrito, breakfast burrito, from a truck or a restaurant, it’s your call Echo Parkians. Where do you get the best burrito in Echo Park?

  • quarrygirl

    oh hell yes. i am watching this post in hope that people list some good vegan options. burritos are the BEST.

  • heather parlato

    i can’t speak to where the vegan burritos are here, but as for trucks, i do like arizas and taco zone, with the latter being my favorite. i think my favorite vegan burrito might be the jackfruit at pure luck, but it’s not in echo park. dang!

  • Robin Adams

    Taco Zone. This is not an opinion, it is a fact.

  • AO

    Los Burritos Bean and Cheese burrito is the best bean and cheese in Echo Park! I take a sip of the red salsa between every bite of’s the best!

    Taco Zone is my next favorite!

  • Joaquin

    Patras bean rice and egg burrito. nuff said.

  • Aris

    I’m becoming pretty partial to El Flamin Taco’s burritos. But the Suadero Taco Zone Burrito is hard to take down.

  • snowbear

    Saying Taco Zone is the best is like saying Pink’s Hot Dogs are the best. Its just not true don’t buy the hype.

    Arizas was cool for a while but ever since they left for 2 weeks a year ago and then came back they lost there flavor.

    Taco zone has great salsa but the burritos are far from the best.

    El Flamin Taco or ( tacos of the future) as some might call it at the carwash on sunset and alvarado have my vote for the best around at the moment in my opinion.

    Also another good truck that has opened recently is the truck outside of the cha cha bar. The burritos are good but there HUGE like bigger than chipotle burritos.

    well thats my 2 cents

  • LoDowt

    Nuvia’s Pulpusaria has a delectable simple burrito that I have been reaching for lately to get my almost daily burrito shot. The house made chips and semi-recent decor update make it a great place to dine-in. With take-out a cinch, always ready in 15 and open until, “whenever people stop coming in” I would call them now (213)977-0577

  • don casini

    Coming from SF I am constantly disappointed with the LA Burrito Scene. Yes, I understand the origin of the burrito and what they were originally meant to be (leftovers), but living in the present reality and wanting something to have tasty fresh meat, whole beans, guac, not too much rice, cheese, and good salsa (and not look like mush inside a tortilla) + free chips that are good I suggest the chicken burrito at Las Glorias de Comer on Silver Lake Blvd near Bellevue. They also make a soy chicken burrito that is actually pretty good too. Las Glorias are nice, cheap, and all their food is good and mostly made to order. No connection to them, just a loyal fan.

  • David Eng

    El Flamin’ Taco, the high-tech taco truck from the fiery future, the illuminated food UFO which lands at the car wash on Sunset & Alvarado. Hands down, best burritos in Echo Park.

  • dan

    As someone who eats flame truck/arizas/t-zone on a semi-regular basis, I have to say all of their burritos are mediocre at best – too dry! the best burrito in EP is at Maya’s Tacos, the burgundy building on Glendale right north of Alvarado. Most people know of it for the pupusas advertised in the window (pupusas aren’t my bag though, so no comment), but the real treasure is the cochinita pibil burrito. holy crap is it amazing. I had one for dinner twice just last week (sadly enough). It’s only $3.80 + tax, and the cochinita is succulent, tender, flavorful roast pork. No beans in the burrito, but the meat is juicy and flavorful enough I don’t mind. It’s seriously mindblowing, especially compared to taco zone/the other trucks. go! oh yeah: unless you like REALLY spicy stuff, use caution with the habanero salsa they give you. it’s good… but it’s HOT.

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