Flashback Fridays: A Brief History of Chavez Ravine and Dodgers Stadium in Photos

I sure hope you guys like photo posts, because I can not get enough of the photos of Echo Park in the USC Digital Library. The collection is full of awesome old photos, and I highly suggest you check it out.

Today, we are going to take a little photographic tour of Chavez Ravine and the early years of Dodger Stadium.

"They're playing ball in Chavez Ravine, 1957"

The text that goes with this photo reads, “Some day the Los Angeles Dodgers hope to be playing ball where Mrs. Barden Scott is playing with her three children, Richmond, 5; Matthew, 3, and Valerie, 18 months. She figures that when the Dodgers build their fancy new ball park in Chavez Ravine home plate will be just about where her home is. But first the Dodgers will have to buy up her place and a few others scattered through the area. Mrs. Scott is willing to sell, but some other owners aren’t.”

"Aerial shot of Chavez Ravine and surrounding area, 1959"

An aerial view of Chavez Ravine just before construction began on Dodgers Stadium.

“Dodger stadium (Chavez Ravine), 1961″

“Chavez Ravine Dodgers ball park, 1961″

Photos of Dodgers Stadium being built.

“Dodgers plant first tree in Chavez Ravine, 1961″

The text that goes with this photo reads: “The Dodgers will plant the first tree in the Chavez Ravine ball-park landscaping on Thursday morning March 9 at 9:30 am. The tree will be an ash — baseball bats are made from ash. Present will be Dick Walsh, Dodger Vice President, a bat boy in a Dodger uniform with a ball bat and Mrs. Carolyn Patterson, Chairman of Plant a Tree Week.” I want to know where this tree is!

“Dodger Stadium in Chavez Ravine at night, June 1, 1962″

A night game at Dodgers Stadium less than two months after it opened on April 10, 1962.

  • Chris

    I really enjoy the photo posts, please keep ’em coming! The LA Public Library site (www.lapl.org) also has some great photos.

  • lorena castellanos

    people were kicked out of their homes. they were told they were going to built new public house and they would get first pick and then what did they choose to built….the dodger stadium!

    real nice pictures you should check this out

  • http://chavezravinehistory.com slient

    I saw this tea-shirt at a store. and I really liked the design on it and the color. the name on the shirt was Chavez Ravine. I decided to go out to the web and find out what’s up with this name; that is how I came across the history of Chavez Ravine. I am sorry to hear about what happened to the people and their town…I have empathy because my people experienced the same dilemma at one time.

    Photos are really great.

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