We Are the Mods Now Playing at the Downtown Independent

Echo Park filmmaker E.E. Cassidy’s debut Film We Are the Mods is now playing at the Downtown Independent Theater. The film will be showing there through through this week (ending July 23). Here’s a little synopsis:

Sadie’s art is her photography.  Nico’s art is her life. Together they explore Britain’s 60’s mod culture of music, fashion, drugs and vintage scooters in contemporary Los Angeles. Sadie observes the world through the lens of her 35 mm camera, but everything changes when she meets Nico, the new “mod” girl who was born with Milroy’s disease that causes her to have abnormal swelling in her foot.  Nico doesn’t hide her disability, in fact she loves the spotlight. Sadie is drawn into Nico’s thrilling world of aesthetics where Sadie learns about herself and who she really is.

LA Weekly gave Cassidy’s film a great review, so be sure to go check it out.

  • Fred

    OMGG! Can anything really be that bad? “Sadie shoots, or I walk.” LOL F*cking LOL!

  • Jason

    Went and saw We Are the Mods this weekend. So, so excellent! Definitely the best movie I’ve seen this year. Not only fun, exciting and endearing, but really beautiful as well. So refreshing to see a movie about kids that isn’t preachy or condescending. Soundtrack rocks too! Go see this!

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