Historic Echo Park Home Tours Returns

Flickr Photo by LA Addict (2006 Home Tour)

The Echo Park Historical Society will be reviving its Historic Echo Park Home Tours in November with “Eco Echo Park: Urban Sustainable Living.” The tour will feature properties that utilize “gray water systems, solar power, natural light and circulation as ways to reduce dependency on public utilities.” They will also be showcasing properties that use native and drought-tolerant plants, no-dig gardens and urban farmers that raise livestock and/or crops for personal consumption.

Holly Hampton, the Home Tour Chairperson, is currently looking for people to volunteer their time as project coordinators and researchers. They are still in the process of selecting homes and gardens for the tour, so they need some help scheduling site visits. They are also looking for individuals to do some research on the properties and take notes from the City Records. If you are interested in lending Holly a helping hand, you can email her at hhampton@mac.com.

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